Glow Sign board

Signovate offers  a wide range of backlit/ glow sign display light boxes giving you the best options for your illuminated display requirements. We have 8 years of great experience in glow sign board manufacturing and repairing. Your light box can be internal or external, front loading or slide in. You can order backlit light boxes in standard poster sizes A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0. You can have any light box supplied, fitted with an inkjet printer backlit We ensure our light boxes illuminate your graphic image with the most even light distribution possible, bringing your graphics to life and creating powerful eye catching displays. All of our light boxes are supplied with cable and plug so all you need to do is plug them in and you are away!

Bring focus to your most important features with internal lighting. Backlighting adds emphasis and highlights your message like no other graphic application. Back-lit displays are commonly found in trade show exhibits, retail environments, sports arenas, airports, restaurants, and many other types of display environments. The use of a light box or back-lit display allows photos and written copy to be joined together to tell a story in a way that would never be possible with your average presentation.

Numerous studies confirm that backlit displays will drive traffic and increase sales. A study by Visual Merchandising & Store Design Magazine shows that in-store displays that were illuminated attracted significantly more attention that non-lit displays.

Light boxes can be manufactured to suit various specifications. Internally illuminated boxes using fluorescent, LED’s or neon tubing, can be manufactured in house from metal, aluminum and acrylic. Combining spray paint finishes, digital print and router or laser cut lettering, Galaxy signage has the capability to meet both your internal and external light box requirements.

Use illuminated signs and light boxes to increase your company’s visibility at all hours of the day and night. Illuminated signs are a great way to attract the attention of busy shoppers or passing traffic. An illuminated sign is a huge asset to your company especially if your storefront is visible at night. This is an excellent low cost way to promote your business 24 hours a day. Our electric signs are built to ISI specifications and are designed for years of maintenance free use and easy bulb changes. Attractive backlit signage is very popular today. We offer a large variety of shapes and sizes. We can even offer back lit signs that turn or have multi-messages. Backlit signage is ideal when you want to change your message periodically for very little extra cost.

Display light box offers a wide range of quality display light boxes to ensure you the get best solution for your illuminated sign and retail display requirements. Light boxes can be supplied in ultra slim profiles with edge lit LED lighting or in super large Flex Face format with more traditional backlit fluorescent tube lighting. They can be used for both indoor applications such as illuminated POS display or outside for illuminated outdoor advertising.